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Plaice “Puur Culinair”

Plaice “Puur Culinair”

Sometimes you hear: plaice is “a fish for old people’.  Well then, even if there would be any truth in that story, it is now time to throw that idea in the trash for once and for all. Friday 7 September, Jacob Kramer and Louwe de Boer, respectively  the CEO and General manager of Ekofish Group, and I traveled to “Puur Culinair” in Tilburg. There, Cees Corstiaans and Paul van Loon, respectively head of advice and implementation and head of production of Puur Culinair, served us a plaice fillet filled with leek and carrot in a mango-chili chutney. Fish out of our own North Sea and the leek and carrots from Brabant; an extremely Dutch fish dish with an oriental touch. It is prepared at low temperatures with the sous-vide technique which preserves taste, nutritional values and natural juices and is perishable: in case of fish at least 3 weeks. I thought it was delicious and consumed three portions of it (which is just allowed in Brabant). More importantly, both Kramer and de Boer were also enthusiastic about this new twist with their product and, even more, that a preserved product remains so tasteful. 

Jacob Kramer and Louwe de Boer of Ekofish Group, Cees Corstiaans and Paul van Loon of Puur Culinair and Jelle Landstra. Picture Rob op den Brouw 

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