A journey to a sustainable future

The sustainable world of fresh quality fish

The world of Ekofish Group is a world of fresh quality fish, caught with respect for nature and shortly after catch landed on your plate. A world in which passionate fishermen constantly seek for sustainable fishing techniques, the best for human and environment.

At the vessels of our family owned company the crew fishes with passion and skill on the North Sea. Love for nature and respect for the ecosystems of the sea are deeply rooted in our fishermen.

We believe in sustainable fishery and a healthy sea for the next generations. With that vision as a starting point we catch our fish and deliver this fish in outstanding quality and freshness to our customers. Sustainable fishery and outstanding quality goes hand in hand at Ekofish Group.

About Ekofish Group

The story of Ekofish Group is closely related to the story of the Urk family De Boer. A family with a love for the sea and the fishermen’s life many generations. A family which wants to preserve a healthy sea for future generations.

Our super fresh fish products

Ekofish Group controls the whole quality chain. It starts with the choice of fishing area and fishing techniques. Thereafter, utmost attention is given to the processing and storage of the fish on our modern fleet, which meets the highest standards of hygiene and cooling.

Ekofish Group services the markets in that way with the usual fish species from the North Sea as Plaice, Lemon Sole, Turbot and Brill. Besides the own caught species there is also a corporation with other carefully selected fishing partners who catch “pulse” Dover Sole, MSC Cod, Skrei Cod, MSC Redfish. By staying close to the source the fish is of excellent quality and guaranteed sustainably caught.

Ekofish Group wants to become the portal for your sustainably caught seafood excellence.

Sustainability is our responsibility

Respect for the Sea and awareness that there will be a next generation, is deeply anchored in our mind-set. Sustainability is a way of life for the Ekofish Group.

Sustainability is in Ekofish Group not just a buzzword. Respect for the Sea and awareness that there will be next generations, is deeply anchored in the mind-set of Ekofish Group. On the vessels a sustainable way of operating has become common practice. The choice to fish with large mesh size in the cod end of the net, which provides juvenile fish and discards a possibility to escape. The choice to develop floating fishing gear, touching the seabed hardly when fishing. The stunner in which the fishes are immediately stunned after being caught, and processed painless thereafter. But also in the lower fuel consumption, which is due to the environmentally friendly twin rig method.

Sustainability is becoming a buzzword. But for the
people of Ekofish Group it’s a lifestyle.

The world of Ekofish Group

We as Ekofish Group are continuously looking for new ways to develop and increase the sustainable use of resources of our planet Earth, in the same time we are looking for ways to deliver fish products of outstanding quality to our customers.

Ekofish Group leads the way in the ongoing search for sustainable fishing techniques. The people of Ekofish Group share their experience, accumulated over many years, with national and international think tanks. Ekofish Group is a sparring partner of various innovative organisations and participated in the Fisheries Innovation Platform (VIP).

Ekofish Group has shown that sustainable fishery is not only good for people and planet but also for economic benefits.
We see it as our duty to maintain a healthy sea for the next generation.
Persistent search for a sustainable fishing world is our challenge!