A journey to a sustainable future

MSC as well as ISO 22000, BRC, IFS for Food, the Ekofish Group is exceptionally well certified. And we are proud of!

Our sustainable way of working and the very high quality standard of the fish products, has led Ekofish Group to this high standard of certification. We are controllable sustainable and conscious on quality.

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council): Since 2009 the catching method of the cutters of Ekofish Group was the first flatfish fishery to be MSC-certified in Europe. With this catching method Ekofish Group contributes to healthy fish stocks and ecosystem and a well organised and controllable fishery management.

RFS (Responsible Fishing Scheme): With RFS Ekofish Group shows they care about wellbeing, safety and health of her crew on the vessels.

ISO 22000 (Food safety Management system): Ekofish Group is the only company in the Dutch fleet having the vessels working according to ISO 22000 system. ISO 22000 is a management system for food safety. Absolutely unique, Ekofish Group proudly announces this.

IFS (International Food Standard) (Higher Level): During the audit of this very stringent standard in the area of food safety and production all information on critical control points and hazard analysis needs to be documented in full in order to keep the certificate. The IFS certificate of Ekofish Group proofs the constant quality of our operations.

BRC Food (Global Standard for Food Safety): De checklist of the BRC Food-standard contains more than three hundred control points in the area of food safety, hygiene and quality management. Our partners process and pack our products according to IFS and BRC standard.