A journey to a sustainable future

The fishing grounds of our fleet are in the Northern part of the North Sea at the height of Denmark. The cutters fish with twin rig nets hardly touching the seabed. The fish is caught calmly and immediately after catch stunned before further processing. Good for fish and the quality of the product on your plate!

The fleet of Ekofish Group consists of seven modern cutters, all equipped for twin rig. In the season the cutters fish for the target species plaice. During the winter season the fishing plan is modified and is no longer directed for plaice. Good for fish stocks, but also for fish quality.

Ekofish Group fleet fishes with respect for fish stocks, environment and ecology. The fishing grounds are at the height of Denmark and further north in the North Sea. The seabed in this area is very suitable for twin rig.

Twin rig nets do not disturb the seabed. Life in the seabed thereby remains untouched. By vibrations of the rubber cables, the plaice is guided from the bottom into the fishing nets. Because of the low speed of fishing, the caught fish is of excellent quality and there is less unwanted bycatch in the net. Juvenile fish can escape immediately because of the large mesh size of the nets.

Ekofish Group took and will take concrete actions to ensure the quality of the fish caught. Immediately after catch the fish is stunned and cooled in ice water to ensure the on-board processing can take place in a humane way. The fish are stored on board in crates of twenty kilos. These small crates provide faster cooling, less pressure on the fish and therefore optimised quality.

Ekofish Group is the only fishery company grading and processing its catch directly from the ship at the factory, skipping the fish auction. Because of the short trips and quick processing on board the fish of Ekofish Group is of consistently high quality and freshness. In near future the customer can see via a QR code in which area the fish of Ekofish Group was caught. Reliable and transparent.