A journey to a sustainable future

2016: prolonging shelf life

When it comes to prolonging the shelf life of our fish products there is one important factor: uninterrupted cool chain starting as soon as possible after catch. A challenge, especially when fishing during the summer with relatively high water temperature! The introduction of the stunner (by anaesthesia fish cools quickly) and the gutting machine (processing is very fast, compared with hand gutting, so that the fish can be immediately cooled again) were important steps.

Yet in 2016 we want to introduce Ekofish Group tubs with “half liquid ice” on board to store and cool the fish after catch. This ice ensures an optimal cooling of the fish to a core temperature of 2-0 degrees and minimizes the risk of bacterial growth. The result: shelf life of fish shall be extended for days. Huge advantage for our customers!

Eko-vation: the multipurpose ship of the future

Ekofish Group, in cooperation with its partners developed a fishing boat that can cope with the big changes in the North Sea in the future. The multifuncional ship, in addition to fishing, can be used for (Maritime) research and offshore work. More information www.ekovation.nl.

We see it as our task to transfer a healthy sea to the next generation. Persistent search for the sustainability of the fishing world is our challenge!