A journey to a sustainable future

We work day in day out with enthusiasm and passion at sea and on shore to serve our customers with the best quality fish!

The De Boer brothers and their valuated employees are together Ekofish Group. Both brothers and staff work every day with passion and commitment to provide their customers with the best quality fish. Some already for decades.

Louwe de Boer

My childhood was dominated by fishery. I was able to witness the rise and culmination of fishing industry in the 80s and 90s. But also the downturn of the industry. The difficult time the fishery has experienced over the past 10 years, has made sure that my brothers and I moved ahead in an innovative and sustainable way of fishing. Through these changes, we are learning to deal consciously with the sea and the fish product. This gives so much inspiration that I now proudly pass on the profession of fisherman to my sons who now actively participate in our company co-operating and working on a bright future.

Albert de Boer

My little son has only one wish, to become a fisherman like his father. Can you imagine a thing more beautiful than contributing to a sustainable future of the fishery? My son’s future in fishery. That is my drive to do the things I do.

Willem de Boer

Fishing is my only passion. I have never had another profession and I don’t want another profession. This means I have to invest in the future. Don’t try to catch everything without scruples but only the ‘annual interest’ the fish stocks (biomass) give. That is an investment I am happily willing to do for the next generation.

Klaas de Boer

On board of our vessels I have always been the technician. Besides fishing the technical installations on board determine the efficiency and profitability of the vessel. A weekly challenge is reduction of fuel consumption. Small changes can lead to fuel saving and less CO2 emission. Isn’t that also working on sustainability?

Hendrik de Boer

As the youngest brother I had a pre-destination to become a fisherman. I did not dislike the profession but all the problems and rules in the fishery did scare me. Is there still a future in fishery? All people have to eat, healthy food. Fish is a wonderful and healthy nutrition. You help mankind to be able to have healthy food. This will be the basis for a good future as fisherman, I want to be one wholehearted.

The fleet of Ekofish Group consists of seven modern cutters, all equipped for twin rig. In the season the cutters fish for the target species plaice. During the winter season the fishing plan is modified and is no longer directed for plaice. Good for fish stocks, but also for fish quality.