A journey to a sustainable future

We from Ekofish Group are continuously looking for new ways to develop and increase the sustainable use of resources of our planet Earth, in the same time we are looking for ways to deliver fish products of outstanding quality to our customers.

Ekofish Group leads the way in the ongoing search for sustainable fishing techniques. The people of Ekofish Group share their experience, accumulated over many years, with national and international think tanks. Ekofish Group is a sparring partner of various innovative organisations and participated in the Fisheries Innovation Platform (VIP).

Ekofish Group has shown that sustainable fishery is not only good for people and planet but also for economic benefits. By taking responsibility for both catch and sales, Ekofish Group has complete control on the quality of her customer’s fish products.

Ekofish Group shares its knowledge with a wide audience through for example lectures of Louwe de Boer. Ekofish Group also shares her knowledge with new generations of fishermen on the ship PD 147, which has been converted into a training ship in 2009. Students of the Urk Visserijschool learn on this ship how to fish with the sustainable, environmentally friendly fishing techniques of Ekofish Group. So Ekofish Group not only works to a sustainable present but also a sustainable future!

In 2014 Ekofish Group was requested by fisheries organizations in Oman to support the fisheries sector in this Arab country at the start of a program on sustainability of fisheries. A challenge Ekofish Group accepted because of compassion for colleagues and our planet.

Thus we are constantly looking for opportunities to sustainably exploit resources on Earth and at the same time deliver fish, one of the healthiest and a nutritious product nature offers, of an excellent quality to our customers.